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Israeli government surrenders to terrorism.. again By David Shalom with Betar UK - 16th Jul 08

What is a proportionate response? By Tom Carew - 5th Mar 08

Extortion Payout to Arab Mafia By Steven Shamrak - 6th Jan 08

On dialogue between Jews and Muslims By Isi Leibler - 1st Jan 08

Wake up call - Time to stop Annapolis Madness By David Shalom - 19th Nov 07

The Enemy Within By David Shalom - 8th Aug 07

Boycott Anglo Jewry By Jeremy Rosen - 22nd Jul 07

The Internal Fighting Between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza By Leon Ruskin - 27th Jun 07

A day in the life of Hebrew University By Angela Bertz - 6th Jun 07

In the Trenches: Why the British journalists union boycotts Israel By David Harris - 20th Apr 07

British journalists union boycott motion reflects deep animosity towards Israel By Chas Newkey Burden - 20th Apr 07

Weakness fosters anti-Semitism By ISI LEIBLER - 6th Nov 06

The media war against Israel By Melanie Philips - 5th Sep 06

The Civilian Casualties Are Aweful, But Israel Is Fighting For Its Existence By Richard Littlejohn - 4th Aug 06

Evidence mounts that Qana collapse and deaths were staged. By Reuven Koret - 31st Jul 06

Seeing Through The Fog Of War, The Truth... By Bernard J. Shapiro - 30th Jul 06

Why Israels Reaction to Hezbollah is Right By Matthias Küntzel - 28th Jul 06

Hezbollah, The war against Israel By Melanie Phillips - 27th Jul 06

Lunatic, Terrorist, Suicide Society By Amnon Dankner, Editor of Maariv Newspaper - 29th Jun 06

Those who celebrate death By Michael Freund - 16th May 06

Terror and Peace By Dori Gamliel - 1st Mar 06

Why the Hamas Victory is a Good Thing By Steven Plaut - 30th Jan 06

Two faces of an old bully By Shmuel Katz - 2nd Jan 06

Why Syria Welcomed David Duke By Dr. Rafael Medoff - 3rd Dec 05

The Right Strategy By Caroline Glick - 21st Oct 05

The Deliverance of Israel By Caleb Corbin - 15th Oct 05

Hold Palestinians accountable for Gaza synagogues destruction By Jerusalem Post - 14th Sep 05

Speech at Duke University by a Lebanese Christian By Brigitte Gabriel - 9th Sep 05

Was Arafat a Homosexual that died of Aids-UPDATED By Yaniv - 8th Sep 05

The End of Myhtology By Caroline Glick - 27th Aug 05

Is "Disengagement" promoting security, democracy and the economy? By Yoram Ettinger - 16th Aug 05

Ethnic Cleansing By Joseph Farah - 5th Aug 05

Does Corruption Drive Israeli Disengagement? By Rachel Neuwirth - 1st Aug 05

Where Now for the National Camp? By David Shalom - 20th Jul 05

The Beginning of the Reckoning By Caroline Glick - 17th Jul 05

'Orange fever' strikes Israel, Campaign colors country to stop Gaza evacuation By Aaron Klein - 13th Jul 05

The Israelification of Europe By Mark Steyn - 13th Jul 05

The BBC discovers ‘terrorism,’ briefly By Tom Gross - 12th Jul 05

The Lynch Against the Maoz Yam Hotel By Nadia Matar - 6th Jul 05

Disengaged from Reality By David Shalom - 6th Jul 05

Ariel Sharon - A coward for prime minister By Caroline Glick - 23rd Jun 05

A bolshevik state comes to Israel? By Israel Hanukoglu / Betar/ Women in Green - 19th May 05

This Year, Free Men? By Avi Hyman - 26th Apr 05

A dying lion that can still do harm/Britain's slide into self-destruction By Caroline Glick - 25th Apr 05

Pollard's freedom and our freedom By Caroline Glick - 24th Apr 05

BETAR joins fight for Gush Katif By Betar - 12th Apr 05

What Bush doesn't understand By Dr. Ron Breiman - 12th Apr 05

The Temple Mount Secret By Boris Shusteff - 11th Apr 05

Betar fights PLO on Oxford street By Betar-Tagar UK - 3rd Apr 05

Our World: The Holocaust Fetish By Caroline Glick - 2nd Apr 05

Cowardice And Desecration: The Deeper Jewish Meanings Of `Disengagement` By Louis Rene Beres - 21st Mar 05

A Palestinian state will not bring peace By Shmuel Katz - 16th Mar 05

Goebbels grotto revisited By Melanie Phillips - 24th Jan 05

J'accuse By Mike Levine - 20th Jan 05

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair By Dr. Colin. L. Leci - 17th Nov 04

The Father of Modern Terrorism, The true legacy of Yasser Arafat By Andrew C. McCarthy - 14th Nov 04

Arafat Burial on Temple Mount Unthinkable By Rabbi Aryeh Spero - 10th Nov 04

Israel Builds for Nobel Prizes, Arabs Build for Suicide Bombers By Farid Ghadry, President of the Reform Party of Syria - 21st Oct 04

Different Worlds, Different Values By Brigitte Gabriel - A Lebanese Citizen - 19th Oct 04

The Hasbara Hijack By Avi Hyman - 10th Sep 04

Things Change, But Stay the Same for the Jews By Emanuel A. Winston - 14th Jul 04

Hey Arabs - Here's Your Letter of Apology By Chuckie N - 1st Jul 04

Put the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) on Trial By Judy Lash Balint - 1st Jul 04

Saudi Arabia – The Beheading Capital Of The World By Mike Evans - 28th Jun 04

Jeff Halper and the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions By Simon A. Waldman - 21st Jun 04

At the End of 2005 There Will No Longer Be Any Jews in Europe By Nadia Matar - 15th Jun 04

What's New in Paris? By Carole Raphaelle Davis - 2nd Jun 04

Proof of systematic PA Indoctrination of it’s children to be child combatants and child Shahids [Martyrs] By Itamar Marcus - 22nd Apr 04

Shed no tears over the killing of the sheikh of hate Ahmed Yassin By Michael Gove - 23rd Mar 04

Where is Ron Arad By Asaf Romirowsky - 20th Mar 04

Why Palestinian children die By Jeff - 20th Mar 04

Anti-semitism is a virus and it mutates By Stephen Byers - 16th Mar 04

Can Israel Survive Another Muslim Arab State of 'Palestine'? By Emanuel A. Winston - 9th Mar 04

Israel's Real Choice is Either To Fight and Survive, or to Capitulate and Be Destroyed By Steven Plaut - 7th Mar 04

Remembering the Struma By Sarah Honig - 3rd Mar 04

A brief to the International Court of Justice By Shmuel Katz - 27th Feb 04

Arik, Go Home! By David Shalom - 21st Feb 04

Why does Israel need the security fence? By Betar - 13th Feb 04

Hands Off the Golan By Yosef Goell - 6th Jan 04

Judenrein Palestine ? By Rachel Neuwirth - 6th Jan 04

The Agenda of Islam - A War Between Civilizations By Professor Moshe Sharon - 24th Dec 03

Bernard-Henri Levy. About Daniel Pearl By Amelia Gentleman - 15th Dec 03

The report they didn't want you to see. Anti Semitism in the UK By - 12th Dec 03

Missing the real anti-Semitism By Joseph Farah - 10th Dec 03

The Chant Not Heard By Thomas L. Friedman - 1st Dec 03

Arafat's billion-dollar stash By Rodney Dalton - 30th Nov 03

Do You Believe in Modernity? By Daniel Pipes - 28th Nov 03

Hold On To The Golan By Larry Domnitch - 24th Nov 03

Who Killed Rachel Corrie? By Dennis Prager - 22nd Nov 03

Waking up to the Age of Terror By Telegraph opinion - 21st Nov 03

Yasser Arafat is the Big Winner By Arthur Cohn - 20th Nov 03

Another Anti-Semite By Jerusalem Post Opinion - 18th Nov 03

Time For Israeli Peaceniks To Get Real By Aaron Klein - 14th Nov 03

I Stand With Israel and the Jews By Oriana Fallaci - 11th Nov 03

The Story of the Middle East By Larry Miller - 10th Nov 03

Spreading Hate, Jihadists in London By Rachel Ehrenfeld - 6th Nov 03

Defeat Terrorism By Uri Elitzur - 4th Nov 03

Strangers in a familiar land By Stewart Weiss - 1st Nov 03

Just How Innocent Is The Palestinian Civilian Population? By By Jock L. Falkson - 29th Oct 03

Undermining the War on Terrorism: The Role of Yasser Arafat and the Syrian Regime By Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad - 27th Oct 03

Condemn anti-Semitism By Joseph Farah - 24th Oct 03

"I wish Eighty or Ninety Jews Would Die with each Bomb" By Editorial, - 22nd Oct 03

Annan's unhealthy obsession By ANNE BAYEFSKY - 20th Oct 03

Walid Shoebat - A Palestinian Terrorist Turned Zionist By The Jewish Bulletin News - 16th Oct 03

Israeli Left’s Creed: Love Your Enemy, Hate Your Brother By Ariel Natan Pasko - 10th Oct 03

From Damascus to Ramallah By Michael Freund - 10th Oct 03

Why Terrorism Works By Irwin N. Graulich - 30th Sep 03

What We Can Learn From The London Blitz By Evelyn Gordon - 30th Sep 03

The False Prophet of Palestine By Justus Reid Weiner - 30th Sep 03

Outing Arafat By Joseph Farah - 23rd Sep 03

The great refugee scam By Shmuel Katz - 22nd Sep 03

Arafat Still Pulls the Strings By Ruth Matar(Women In Green) Jerusalem - 13th Sep 03

Bring Arafat to Jerusalem By Stan Goodenough - 6th Sep 03

Civilisation's Only Democratic Outpost In The Middle East By Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator - 6th Sep 03

Europe’s Moment of Truth By Michael Freund - 3rd Sep 03

Bad Neighbors Require Good Fences By Carl Pearlston - 1st Sep 03

The UN and the assualt on Israel's Legitimacy : Implications for the road map By Professor Anne Bayefsky - 15th Aug 03

Playing 'Lets Pretend' By Emanuel A. Winston - 6th Aug 03

Middle East Orwellism By Steven Plaut - 6th Aug 03

Palestinian Arab Violations of President Bush's "Road Map" Plan: By Zionist Organization of America - 31st Jul 03

The 'Left' and Anti-Semitism By Fiamma Nirenstein - 31st Jul 03

Did You Know? By Facts - 30th Jul 03

Redemption Continues Despite Our Errors By Gary M. Cooperberg (Kiryat Arba - Israel) - 29th Jul 03

Jews and Anti-Jews By Ruth Wisse - 28th Jul 03

Palestinian people do not exist By Joseph Farah - 27th Jul 03

Gas Chambers in Disguise By Irwin N. Graulich. - 24th Jul 03

From "Occupied Territories" To "Disputed Territories" By Dore Gold. Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs - 24th Jul 03

Releasing Murderers By Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator - 23rd Jul 03

Middle East Myths - The Myth of Palestine By - 20th Jul 03

Will my daughter's killers be set free? By Stephen M. Flatow - 19th Jul 03

Can the BBC Operate Responsibly? By Daniel Seaman - Director of the Israel Government Press Office - 15th Jul 03

Lose our children, lose our future By Isi Leibler - 15th Jul 03

"A Shot at Peace": Can the U.S. Enforce the "Road Map" By Daniel Pipes New York Post - 14th Jul 03

Why Arabs Love Israel By Joseph Farah. www. - 14th Jul 03

Remember Entebbe? By Michael Freund Jerusalem Post - 9th Jul 03

The Truth About the Palestinian Schoolbooks By Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch - 7th Jul 03

America does not want a new terrorist state to emerge. How to prevent it. By Binyamin Netanyahu - 3rd Jul 03

Save Israel from Dismemberment By Michael Freund - 2nd Jul 03

The Curious Tale of the Oxford Professor Who Hated Israel By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - 2nd Jul 03

Who Wants to Be a Palestinian Refugee? By By Steven Plaut - - 1st Jul 03

Happy Hudna By David Wilder, in Hebron - 30th Jun 03

The Sign Of Lunacy By Berel Wein - 30th Jun 03

Are The Settlements Legal according to International Law? By Eugene W. Rostow, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, (1966-1969) - 30th Jun 03

Oona King's History Comparison By New Republic, Charlotte West - 29th Jun 03

The Holiest Place On earth By Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director International Christian Zionist Center - 26th Jun 03

Hudna With Hamas? By Honest Reporting - 26th Jun 03

Faces Of Deceipt By Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator - 24th Jun 03

No one has the right to give away the land. By The Rabbi's Union - 24th Jun 03

We dont need 2 states of Palestine! By By Chuck Morse - 18th Jun 03

Abu Mazen, The Holocaust Denier and Terrorist By Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Israel - 18th Jun 03

Israel - A Light to the Nations By Israel Facts - 13th Jun 03

Question to Rabbi: Is it permissable to give up land for Peace? By Rabbi David Samson (Arutz7) - 13th Jun 03

By What Right Mr President? By Arutz 7 - 12th Jun 03

Mass murderers are heroic symbols in the Palestinian Authority By By Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch. - 12th Mar 03

Why is UK reporting of events in Israel so distorted? By Dr Colin L Leci - 7th Feb 02

Myths Of The Middle East By Joseph Farah - 26th Jun 00





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