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By What Right Mr President?

Arutz 7- Thursday 12th Jun 2003

Dear President Bush,

Since the Aqaba summit, convened in order to promote your Road Map plan, there have been dozens of under-reported attacks against Israelis by terrorists of the Palestinian Authority. Seven Israelis were killed by PA elements in the first three days after that conference, and, today, another
16 innocents have been mercilessly cut down in Jerusalem. Those deaths are a direct result of the policy of appeasement that you have adopted, and pressured our own prime minister to adopt - even as Arab terrorism against Jews in Israel rages wildly.

Will you visit the widows, the mourning parents, the wounded in Jerusalem?
You should. They are the primary victims of your policy of enforcing terrorism-appeasement in Israel.

By what right, by what moral right, Mr. President, do you pressure Israel to adopt a policy of restraint in the face of terrorist murders like those of the past week?

You have adopted an immoral double standard, sir. Your position regarding threats to the American people from Iraq and Afghanistan, is - rightly so -
to seek out and destroy those threatening elements. You sent American forces to change regimes and to carry out targeted killings without end.
Yet, when Israel attempted to eliminate Abdel Aziz Rantisi, you were "deeply troubled."

As you know, Rantisi, as a head of the homicidal Hamas terrorist organization, is more deadly to Israel than al-Qaeda is to the United States. Even before the attempted assassination of Rantisi, and even before Hamas started saying it would "retaliate" for that attack, our security forces were dealing with more than 25 warnings of impending Hamas terrorist attacks. Rantisi himself is very clear in his public statements, saying from his very hospital bed that the goal of Hamas is to fight until all Jews in Israel are dead or gone.

Yet you, Mr. Bush, are "deeply troubled" by Israel trying to kill Rantisi.

By what moral right do you utter even a word of criticism when Israel hits the heads of Hamas, which your own Administration has defined as a terrorist organization?

Your policy of responding to Arab terrorism in the Holy Land by pressuring Israel to move forward with "gestures" and Road Maps, threatens the people of Israel. The US demand to remove Jews from their lands - the Biblical heartland - is immoral. After centuries of Jews being expelled from land to land, and place to place, we have finally come home - and now, you, President of the United States of America, want our own government to force us off our land. Israeli soldiers would be forced to carry out expulsions and evictions of half-a-million of their own brethren (250,000 in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and another almost 250,000 in neighborhoods of our capital city, Jerusalem).

By what moral right, Mr. Bush, do you pressure Israel to tear Jews away from the land of their forefathers?

Why are you relentlessly trying to interfere in internal Israeli affairs, Mr. President? The Road Map is a matter of deep debate in Israel, and even in the Prime Minister's own Likud party. At the recent Likud conference, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was greeted by jeers and shouts from hundreds of his former ideological fellow-travelers. Those Likud members perceived that the Road Map is essentially appeasement of the terrorist PLO-run Palestinian Authority. The people of Israel are wary of going down that Road again.

So by what right, Mr. Bush, do you press for a policy that is a matter of such visceral internal debate in Israel?

Mr. President, you have portrayed yourself as a moral leader, as a leader who understands good and evil, right and wrong. You may even feel that your policy is the right one. But, in fact, your policy towards Israel is absolutely immoral. It costs lives, destroys nations and crushes allied leaders.

The American people, however, are a moral people. They understand what it means to stand by allies and to support them in their fight against their enemies. Therefore, Mr. Bush, the American people will not forgive you this immoral Road Map of coercion against Israel. You will not again be president of the United States if you continue to attempt to pay for your campaign in Israeli blood.

Americans with a sense of justice and morality will no doubt see to it that you are made aware of their outrage - and of their intention not to lend you their voices in the coming US elections.



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