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Wake up call - Time to stop Annapolis Madness

David Shalom- Monday 19th Nov 2007

The train to Annapolis speeds towards catastrophe. The "City on high", the venue for the latest American "peace" summit is where Olmert and his Kadima-Labour gang will lead Israel to new lows. Capitulation on our capital city, surrender of our heartlands of Judea and Samaria and the formation of a Jihadist terror enclave that will be able to rocket all of Israel's population centres is the plan. Jerusalem for the Arabs, Judea and Samaria to be Judenrein and negotiations with Ahmenidijad's Syrian ally on the possibility of surrendering Israel's Golan Heights to Iranian trained troops are on the cards. Annapolis is the brain-child of Olmert and Zippora-bird brained Livni and yet another disaster the government of the Left wishes to bestow upon us. But where is the opposition? The voices of dissent are far and few between and this cannot only be attributed to the Leftwing media's usual machinations. As the land burns Bibi sleeps.

Netanyahu met last week with Shas in the quiet to gauge their desire for bolting the coalition, it is rumored he held talks with Avigdor Lieberman's people to leave the government too. But is this all that he can do? He is not heard on television, he does not speak out on the radio and the papers report little opposition to the disaster that lies ahead. The US is constructing the final drafts of the proposals to be agreed at Annapolis as we speak, Olmert and the Left are daily spinning the media about the peace they will bring. The same peace, no doubt, that the tens of thousands of dead and injured Israelis enjoyed as the fruits of the Oslo surrender and the destruction of Gush Katif. The same quiet that the one million residents of the North enjoyed last summer as Hezbollah's rockets, that Defense Minister Barak allowed them to buildup, rained down on them. Yet the Likud does nothing.

The Likud and the rightwing opposition parties should be making lots of noise, they should organize mass demonstrations, strikes, civil disobedience campaigns and they should be making themselves heard on the media 24 hours a day. But they are pathetic. They are silent, they are considerate, they are considering which weasel and which political whore from Kadima will jump ship to join the Likud again. They await the latest opinion poll and their spin doctors' advice. The NRP remains quiet and its friends in Moetzet Yesha meet with Olmert to express their polite reservations to his plan to ethnically cleanse a hundred thousand or more Jews from their homes. The slumber of the Likud and the complete media blackout of its leader Benjamin Netanyahu resembles his muted if non-existent opposition to the Expulsion of the Jews of Gaza. Bibi it seems is not to be trusted. Once not so long ago one may have thought him to be the best available replacement to "Smolmert" and the leftist clique but his actions or lack thereof nullify his right to lead the nation now.

Indeed his anti-democratic actions against Land of Israel activists in his own party, led by the spirited campaigner Moshe Feiglin, are proof enough that he is not a fit leader of the National Camp in Israel. Bibi treated Feiglin and his supporters, who received 25% of the vote in his own party, as extremists and even went so far as getting his thugs to lock Feiglin out of the Likud party's HQ after the leadership election. Bibi has no qualms to sit with Kadima people, to negotiate with Silvan Shalom and those far removed from Revisionist Ideology but Feiglin and his people who are true to the ideals espoused by Jabotinsky and Zionism are not kosher.

And so it seems we cannot trust our politicians to save us. We cannot expect that corrupt individuals will stand up for Eretz Yisrael. The future is in the hands of the people of Israel themselves.

Our grandchildren will no doubt ask, but where were the people? Did they not hear the news of surrender, did they not smell the scent of national suicide did they not have an ounce of dignity and a natural desire for survival- why did they march lemming-like to their own destruction? Oh Grandfather where were you as Olmert signed the death certificate for Israel?

Let this not be our future. Let us meet on the barricades, in Zion Square, and outside the Knesset. Do not say you were not forewarned; but will you heed the wake up call? It is surely time to act.



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