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We dont need 2 states of Palestine!

By Chuck Morse- Wednesday 18th Jun 2003

So declared Dr. Kadri Toukan, a former Jordanian Foreign Minister on December 9, 1970. Anwar Nusseibi, a Former Jordanian Defense Minister, on October 3, 1970 stated "The Jordanians are also Palestinians. This is one State. This is one people. The name is not important. The families living in Salt, Irbid, and Karak maintain not only family and matrimonial ties with the families in Nablus and Hebron, they are one people." Ahmad Shuqairy, the first President of the PLO told the Palestine National Council, May 1965, that " Our Jordanian brothers are actually Palestinians."

There are, in fact, two Palestinian States in existence by any definition. One is called Israel, the other is called Jordan. One was established by Palestinian Jews who called themselves Israeli, the other by Palestinian Arabs who called themselves Jordanian. Like the Palestinian Jews of Israel, the Palestinian Arabs of Jordan enjoy full national, political and cultural rights. "Palestine" is the name the British gave to the Ottoman Turkish region formerly known as south Syria when they established a Mandate in 1919 on both banks of the Jordan River after the retreat of Turkey at the end of World War I. Three years later, in 1921, the British divided the mandate along the Jordan River in order to give the east bank to the Hashemite King Abdallah as a reward for his support during the war.

The following is excerpted from a speech, delivered by Yosef Tekoah, Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. November 13, 1974. These comments precisely describe the status of the two Palestines:

"No nation has enjoyed greater fulfillment of its political rights, no nation has been endowed with territory, sovereignty and independence more abundantly, then the Arabs. Of common language, culture, religion and origin, the Arab nation stormed out of its birth land in the seventh century and conquered one people after another until its rule encompassed the entire Arab peninsula, the Fertile Crescent and North Africa. As a result of centuries of acquisition of territory by war, the Arab nation is represented in the United Nations by twenty sovereign States. Among them is also the Palestinian Arab State of Jordan. Geographically and ethnically Jordan is Palestine. Historically both the West and East Banks of the Jordan River are parts of the land of Israel or Palestine. . The population of Jordan is composed of two elements - the sedentary population and nomads. Both are, of course, Palestinian. The nomad Bedouin constitute a minority of Jordan's population. Moreover, the majority of the sedentary inhabitants, even of the East Bank, are of Palestinian West Bank origin. Without the Palestinians, Jordan is a State without a people. "

What then should be done for the Palestinian Arabs of Sumeria, Judea and Gaza, who, unlike its counterparts in the Arab sectors of Jerusalem, reject Israeli citizenship? What can be done when much of the Arab population in this region has become so indoctrinated and radicalized by Marxist and Islamist ideas that some of their members have turned to senseless violence? When armed and trained militias, supported by international terror networks and nations, are increasingly carrying out violent operations specifically targeting innocent Jews? The terrorists are being funded, supplied, and otherwise assisted by nations who have openly called for Israel's destruction. This has been proven most recently by the capture of the Karine-A weapons boat and the discovery of missiles near Nablus.

The Palestinian Arabs on the west bank of the Jordan are being used in a well-orchestrated attempt to divide and destroy Israel/Palestine. As a matter of law, Jordan/ Palestine has a "law of return" which applies to any Palestinian living on the west bank who is not a Jew. Many Palestinians on the west bank of the Jordan are presently Jordanian/Palestinian citizens. Before 1967, the portion of the west bank in dispute was controlled by Jordan and was considered at the time to be as intrinsic a part of Jordan as the east bank.

Therefore, a logical solution to the present conflict would be to encourage Jordanian citizenship for the Arab population of Sumeria, Judea, and Gaza. The Palestinian Arabs who choose such citizenships should be encouraged to vote for local Palestinian/Jordanian candidates for mayor or local councils who would then exercise local autonomy under Jordanian jurisdiction while also under overall Israeli sovereignty. Israel and Jordan should work jointly to root out the terrorists. Israel and Jordan should strengthen their economic and political ties with consideration given to an economic and even a loose political union as a long-term goal. The Palestinian Arabs on the west bank of the Jordan would naturally look to Amman as the center of their political and cultural life while the Palestinian Jews would look to Jerusalem.



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