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Arafat Still Pulls the Strings

Ruth Matar(Women In Green) Jerusalem- Saturday 13th Sep 2003

Here we go again. Musical chairs with Yasser Arafat turning the music on and off. Same old story with a new face. It doesn’t matter who the Palestinian Prime Minister is, Arafat is still the one pulling the strings.

Next in line now after Abu Mazen, who resigned after a power struggle with Yasser Arafat, is Abu Ala. Let me tell you about Abu Ala. Abu Ala, along with Abu Mazen, has been associated with Arafat almost since the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1964. Abu Ala joined the leadership of the PLO in 1965, TWO YEARS BEFORE the 1967 Arab attack on Israel. This was a defensive war for Israel, and the L-rd gave us an incredible miracle -- the repossession of our Biblical heartland, Judea and Samaria.

The crucial question is: What were Arafat, Abu Mazen and Abu Ala et al planning to “liberate” in 1965, when Judea and Samaria were still occupied by Jordan’s King Hussein? The occupation of Judea and Samaria by Jordan, at that time, was only recognized by two countries, Great Britain and Pakistan! From the very beginning of the founding of the PLO, the goal was the annihilation of Israel by any means whatsoever. Arafat, Abu Mazen and Abu Ala are truly blood brothers and the Jewish Oslo architects, Peres, Beilin, and the rest, made the most horrendous, unforgivable mistake by believing that this Arab Murder, Inc. could or would promote peaceful co-existence. The future of an entire country was placed into the hands of its unrepentant foe.

The ominous signs where there immediately after the signing of the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn. On the very evening after this signing, Arafat went on Jordanian television to reassure his followers that his goals had not changed despite his handshake with Rabin and Peres.

Israel’s leaders unfortunately wanted peace so badly, that they ignored all the dangerous signs, and imported the “Tunisian Gang”, with its leader Yasser Arafat; prominent amongst these murderers were Abu Mazen and Abu Ala.

In the ten years since Oslo, since Israel made a pact with the PLO, 1,122 Israelis have been murdered and thousands have been maimed for life. 1,122 people murdered, in American terms, means 56,100 dead. Would the US stand for such terror? Should such terror be rewarded with a State carved out of what remains of the Holy Land after Britain in 1922 gave three quarters of it to a Hashemite tribal Chief, who then named this area Jordan?

Now to Tuesday’s Arab attacks on Israelis. Early yesterday morning my daughter-in-law and co-leader of Women in Green, Nadia Matar, averted a terror attack on children on their way to school. I have already sent you an email regarding this miracle.

Later in the day, at about 5:55 PM, Israeli time, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a bus stop crowded with soldiers and civilians. The explosion ripped through the crowd, murdering eight and wounding fifteen, six of them seriously.

At 11:15 PM, Israeli time, a suicide bomber detonated himself inside the entrance of a Cafe in central Jerusalem, murdering at least seven and wounding some sixty plus patrons, eight of them seriously.

Was all this retaliation for the failed attack on Hamas leaders on Saturday night? The Israeli attack was on a meeting of Hamas leaders, which included Achmed Yassin himself, planning major terrorism against Israel. Why did this Israeli operation fail? Unfortunately, Sharon and Senior Defense Officials decided to use a SMALLER BOMB in order to reduce collateral damage. The hit was accurate, but destroyed only the third floor of the building where the meeting was held, allowing the Hamas terrorist leaders to escape virtually unharmed. Can you imagine President Bush ordering the use of a smaller bomb on a building where Saddam Hussein might be hiding? A senior official in Sharon's entourage in India said that Sharon -- who was involved in the decision to use a smaller bomb to reduce collateral damage -- does not regret his decision. It is widely believed that Hamas leaders would have been killed had a more powerful bomb been used!

Maybe, if a more powerful bomb had been used, Dr. David Appelbaum, head of Shaare Zedek Emergency Room, would still be alive. His 20 year old daughter, Nava, who was with him in the cafe, was also murdered. Her wedding was supposed to have taken place today. Instead of dancing at a joyous wedding, the many friends of the Appelbaum family are going to a tragic funeral.

It is said about Dr. David Appelbaum that he stopped trimming his beard after the Oslo Accords were signed "as a sign of mourning for what he knew was a tragedy for the Jewish People.”

Many articles have been written full of admiration for the Jews who “carry on as usual” after every horrific terror attack. To do otherwise, these pundits maintain, would mean giving in to terror.

The truth is exactly the opposite. Carrying on a normal life as if nothing has really happened is giving in to terror. It is time to call it quits, to say “enough is enough”, and stop proceeding down a path that has failed again and again.

I am now going to quote from an article in today’s Jerusalem Post by my friend Michael Freund, Deputy Director of Communications & Policy Planning in the Prime Minister’s Office under Binyamin Netanyahu. He has put into words exactly how the majority of us feel.

“Oslo is an experiment whose time has passed; only a ‘mad scientist’ would be willing to press forward with it. The only way out of the current morass is for Israel to reassert full control over Judea, Samaria and Gaza, dismantle the Palestinian Authority and destroy the infrastructure of terror. It won’t be clean, and it won’t be pretty, but a Government’s first priority is to protect its citizens, not to appease international public opinion.

“At the root of Oslo lay a dangerous mix of defeatism, despair and gloom, which brought to power a Government prepared to forsake our national patrimony. Oslo’s practitioners were ready to withdraw from Jewish history and undercut Jewish destiny, questioning our very right to be on this sacred soil.

“If the past ten years teach us anything, it should be that forgoing our Divine and eternal right to this Land, inevitably leads to an erosion in our security and well being. The two are inextricably linked, and we must no longer shy away from making this clear to the world.

“The first step toward healing this nation is to heal the rift in the Land and to reclaim what is rightfully ours. We spent the past decade trying to divide it and look where that has gotten us.

“The time for retreat is over. Now, let us move forward, and advance, and take back our Land, once and for all.”

President Bush, in his recent prime-time address, to the American People, requested $87 billion from Congress for the continued fight against terror and the post-war transformation of Iraq. He also stated that some of those attacking American soldiers and their allies are “foreign terrorists”. Strangely, President Bush did not mention them by name. However, it has been revealed that a large number of these “foreign terrorists” are PALESTINIAN ARABS. During the war itself Arafat sent instructors to Iraq to train Iraqi suicide bombers. Why did President Bush omit telling the truth about the identity of these “foreign terrorists”? Because he might have lost the support of many Americans for the “Road Map to Peace” and the very idea to reward terror with a state carved out of the Holy Land?

Dear friends: Deluge President Bush (Prime Minister Blair for UK citizens) with letters and phone calls. The Oslo Accords and the Road Map, the whole so-called “peace process”, is nothing but a Jew killing process. Demand of President Bush to cancel American support for the “Road Map”, to take away the restraints on Israel to defend itself, and to actively stop this second holocaust.



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