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Just How Innocent Is The Palestinian Civilian Population?

By Jock L. Falkson- Wednesday 29th Oct 2003

Israel’s Dilemma

On the one hand Israel must secure its citizens against unceasing Palestinian terrorism. On the other hand this does lead, from time to time, to inadvertent civilian casualties.

In their turn the Palestinians immediately go through a well rehearsed routine of tearful whining in front of the TV cameras, and their spokesmen begin to spout the nonsense of “Israeli state terrorism”.

This is usually followed by a hastily summoned meeting of the Security Council or the UN General Assembly. Anti-Israel resolutions are approved by the majority of nations, among whom are 56 Islamic states.

US Calls A Spade A Spade

Thank goodness for the US veto, given more readily these days since the US tragically finds itself on the receiving side of terrorist activity in Iraq. As a result the US has a more realistic understanding of the ‘kill or be killed’ dilemma which has troubled Israel for so long.

Fortunately, President Bush has now decided to call a spade a spade. So has super dove Powell who now describes the killers of US troops and civilians, as terrorists. How sad that it takes a series of death dealing bomb blasts to change the rhetoric of those who saw and heard no evil until they were themselves engulfed.

So Called “Collective Punishment”

What about the Arab civilian population which complains of “collective punishment” as a result of Israel's attempts to prevent and reduce the toll of Arab terrorism? Let’s take a closer look at the involvement of Palestinian civilians in Palestinian terror.

It’s immediately obvious that their terrorists come and go with the aid of the civilian population. They could not operate without their active participation.

Active Aid Before and After

They hide and harbor them. They feed them and give them places to rest and sleep. They provide the space for training exercises and bomb making. They hide their weapons and explosives.

They shelter them while they plan their murderous operations to kill the greatest number of Jewish men, women, children and babies. They organize transport to take the killers to chosen killing sites. They arrange transport for their escapees. Safe houses and medical attention too.

They act out tragedies and cry massacre where there is none. (Remember Jenin?) They inflate the count of dead and wounded. They exaggerate their personal tragedies. They provide false witness. They act as essential accessories before and after acts of terrorism.

Joyous Dancing In The Streets

They dance in the streets whenever there is a big loss of Jewish or American lives, as they did famously on 9/11. They laud and fete misguided European human shields. They play the TV networks for willing suckers.

They rage against every Israeli success, never against their brothers for being the cause of their inconvenience. Thousands parade with guns raised high in support of their terrorist organizations. Enthusiasm for additional killing is highest when they bury their “martyrs” and “heroes”.

85% Palestinians Support Terrorists

They educate their children into a life of terrorism. They instill implacable hatred for the Jewish people from childhood. The mullahs do their expected share every Friday.

They surely deserve a small measure of collective inconvenience or “punishment” as they like to call it. Their own polls show 85% support terrorists regardless of how they achieve their deadly aims. Palestinian civilians cannot plead innocence.

Israel has nothing to apologize for when carrying out security measures at check points. Let Palestinians who gripe and whine about inconvenience and delays complain to their terrorist associates who are the direct cause their problem.

A Lifetime Of Inconvenience For Israelis

Israelis traveling abroad in their millions these last 25 years or more have been grilled and subjected to the indignity of luggage and (occasionally) body searches.

These days we are ordered to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure to allow time for anti-terrorist security checks. Are we inconvenienced? You bet. Do we complain? No.

Even if a peace agreement with the Palestinians eventuates one day, the chances are good that Israelis will be subjected to the same traveling inconveniences way into the future. Why? Because we will not be able to trust the Palestinians for the vitriol, lies and incitement they have imbibed since early childhood. Especially, if as is almost certain, the mullahs will continue their hate filled Friday sermons.



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