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The Deliverance of Israel

Caleb Corbin- Saturday 15th Oct 2005


Israel is a patient waiting for the doctor to pronounce the time of death.

There appears to be no force in Israel's political or military arenas capable of stemming the country's lemming-like rush into the sea.

The entire right-wing of Israel's political spectrum has collapsed in a heap of orgiastic self-indulgence and crippling self-doubt. The Likud has adopted, lock, stock and barrel, the platforms of the liberal Labor and Meretz parties, despite its vigorous denials to the contrary. As Henry David Thoreau said, "Who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you are saying." As the recent vote in the Likud Central Committee reveals, the fish rots from the head, but the whole body is infected.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon successfully employed Napoleon's theory of leadership: "It is by baubles that men are led." The conservative leaders in the Knesset and the military - the guardians of Israel - are reduced to impotent and servile sycophants, spittle running down their cheeks and smiling vacantly as they jangle their petty offices and perks.

Eyal Arad, senior strategist for Sharon, threatened the Palestinians with further unilateral evictions unless they cooperated: "If we see that the standstill continues, there may be room to consider turning disengagement into a strategy."

Clinical insanity has taken hold of Israel's leadership. The threat of unilateral withdrawal is used as a negotiating strategy while the terrorists celebrate this very tactic as the epitome of victory. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said, "Sharon admitted that the [Gaza] withdrawal was a unilateral act, which means it was not the result of any negotiations. The resistance brought about the withdrawal."

The barbarians are no longer outside the gates; they are pouring through massive breaks in the city walls, yet, Israel's watchmen raise no cry of alarm. Truly, Israel appears on the brink of imploding before our very eyes.

Israel is once again sacrificing its children to appease a foreign god. Just as Israel at one time offered its children on Molech's fiery altar, now it makes offerings of its people to the god of "Peace".

The Israeli leftists, including the New Likud Leftists, are the high priests of this new religion. They explain that the price of peace is high. Indeed. On its altar, Peace has consumed 1,061 complete sacrifices and 6,089 partial sacrifices over the previous five years alone. Whereas Molech usually required a single human sacrifice once a year, the leftist's Peace consumes or partially consumes on the average of four Jewish sacrifices each and every day.

There is one possible solution, send the high priests separately, unannounced and alone - the Baraks, the Beilins, the Pereses, the Yavins, the Olmerts - into the bastions of Peace. Let them leave their walled villas and security guards and journey to Gaza, to Ramallah, to Jenin and meet their god face-to-face. They would never return from his fiery embrace.

The problem, of course, is semantics.

To the Jew, who has been butchered unceasingly from London to Shanghai, peace means the absence of conflict, an atmosphere free from persecution and filled with personal and community freedom.

To the Muslim, peace is a land subjugated and conquered for Allah. All of the lands of earth are divided into two regions for the Muslim. The first, Dar Al-Salaam, is the areas where Islam has conquered and there is no more infidel; they have either been killed or converted. Dar Al-Salaam is literally translated as the "the region of peace".

Everywhere else is considered Dar Al-Harb, the "region of war". Allah's explicit command to the Muslims is to conquer all the earth until there is no other god but Allah.

Peace to a Muslim is a world free of infidels and in which Allah alone is worshipped. Necessarily, peace to a Muslim is a world free of Jews.

To the American or Westerner, peace is the adequate flow of oil at a reasonable price to their domestic markets. Since the Muslim nations have the oil, peace is usually defined in terms of what pleases the Muslims. Nothing would please the Muslims more than to have "peace" in all of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

Hence, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, Indonesia, et al, are demanding more Israeli concessions in the "peace process". The US has used its leverage as Israel's historic ally to push Israel into ever-increasing suicidal concessions. Oslo, the Road Map, the Disengagement are all tools the Muslim world uses to conquer Israel and bring Allah's peace to the region.

The Muslims deliberately use the Jewish notion of peace to deceive Israel into making more territorial concessions. With every retreat, Israel is placed in an increasingly weaker strategic position. Muslims will then use the evacuated territory as the base by which to take the war deeper into the Jewish areas.

Gaza, for example, is being turned into a staging ground and as a base of operations for carrying the war in force to the remainder of the Jewish-occupied lands. Israel should expect advanced anti-aircraft, anti-personnel and anti-tank systems to be deployed for defensive purposes, but also be prepared for their main cities to soon be targeted by further rocket barrages and waves of suicide bombers.

This strategy will continue until the Muslims believe they are strong enough to destroy Israel using a direct, frontal assault. Israel does not have much longer to wait.

Israel's leaders must wake up now to the danger in the land. Those who are tasked with sounding the alarm must blow the shofar, without fear of people, possession, position or power.

Israel must shake itself from its slumber and strike before it is too late.

First, several military operations must be undertaken simultaneously to immediately remove the threat of chemical, biological, nuclear and conventional rocket attacks. Israel must reconquer both Gaza and the Lebanon buffer zone, and clear out the thousands of Hizbullah rockets that are now pointed at Israel's head. It should make clear to the Syrians and Iranians that if those rockets are fired into Israel, and any non-conventional warheads are utilized, then Israel will respond with nuclear strikes against Damascus and Tehran.

Second, Israel should fight and destroy the terrorist training camps inside of Israel, including Jenin, Ramallah, Jericho, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus and Tulkarm. The Palestinian Authority should be completely dismantled and its leaders expelled. The same should apply to all members of terrorist organizations.

Third, all Muslim refugees should immediately be expelled beyond Israel's borders. Even by their own polls, 80% of Palestinians support blowing up Jewish civilians. Those who preach Allah's peace and support the path of terrorism should be immediately expelled from the country. This includes among Israeli Muslims.

Israel must drain the land of the putrid terrorist breeding grounds, or else its people will continue to die at the hands of Allah's martyrs who launch suicide attacks from these places. Let the enemy go to Jordan, to Egypt, to Syria, to Saudi Arabia.

The Palestinian refugees never were Israel's responsibility. The Muslim armies invading Israel in 1948 created the refugees, not Israel. The Arabs caused the refugee problem; it's their turn to deal with it.

Fourth, Israel must prepare and plan for a full-scale war with the Muslim nations and be prepared to defend itself with all means at its disposal. If Egypt should attack, then Israel must reconquer all of the Sinai and take possession of its oil and gas fields.

And finally, after the Muslim nations are on their backs or understand that Israel is deadly serious, Israel must destroy Iran's nuclear weapons facilities and remove the country's current leadership.

Israel must rise up and fight the Muslims until they surrender or are destroyed. Because to do or to die is the only choice Islam has given the Jews. Islam certainly desires peace for Israel, but it is the peace of the grave.

Fight them until real peace comes to the land. Fight them until the bombs and rockets are silenced. Fight them until every man can sit under his own vine and fig tree, and there be no one to make him afraid.

Caleb Corbin is an American Gentile living in Texas. He worked as a journalist in Jerusalem in the late 1990s. His articles have appeared in several Israeli, US and international media publications.
Taken from Aruts Sheva.



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