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Playing 'Lets Pretend'

Emanuel A. Winston- Wednesday 6th Aug 2003

The Bush Administration and part of Congress have entered into the never-never land of "Let’s Pretend". The ‘pretense’ of Iraq is unraveling as Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld denies America is deeply immersed in a guerilla war Muslim-style. The simultaneous ‘pretense’ was the presumption that Iraqi Muslims would be grateful for being rescued by America (whom they consider ‘infidels’ as non-Muslims).

But, as predictable and as predicted (by some of us), the Arab Muslim world is not now nor ever has been a friend of America or the West. This is a cultural/religious phenomenon that Americans cannot grasp - even as the imposed friendship crumbles before our eyes.

Yes, the Arab Muslims want our weapons, our technology and will happily pay us for it but, they don’t want our friendship or our presence on their ‘Muslim’ land. They ‘pretend’ friendship as they see us as a valued customer for oil but the force of ‘Jihad’ (holy war) against us runs too deep for real friendship.

The President and the Congress vote enormous sums for the Palestinians even as they march in the streets, pledging their loyalty to Yassir Arafat and various Terrorist groups. The Palestinian Arab Muslims have been in lock-step with Saddam Hussein and his murderous Ba’athist régime long before those Palestinian Arabs hosted in Kuwait betrayed that government as they guided Saddam’s troops into Kuwait during Saddam’s1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Now the UN has declared the 80,000 Palestinian Arabs living in Iraq "special status" as refugees because, with Saddam gone, the Iraqi landlords forced by Saddam to give them special treatment in low cost housing, simply are kicking them out. This now allows UNRWA (United Nations Refugee Works Administration) to fund these Palestinians - just as they have funded the so-called refugee camps actually run by Yassir Arafat’s PLO organizations like Fatah, Hamas, Al Aksa Brigades, Tanzim, Islamic Jihad, etc.

The US Congress voted additional millions of American tax-payers’ dollars at the behest of the Arabist US State Department for Palestinian Arab Muslims in Gaza. Anyone with half a brain knows that Arafat’s thugs skim most of the money and it all eventually funnels into Arafat’s considerable bank accounts around the world. The claim by State, the UN and the EU that all Donor Money is being monitored and there is accountability and transparency is a deliberate lie. Countless documents and Congressional hearings, fully public and not secret, have traced exactly where, who, how the money goes to Arafat’s thugocracy and not the Palestinian people whom Arafat has impoverished since he was returned from exile in Tunis by Oslo in 1993. Funding Arafat has been escalated to a high state of the art of bribery by the Arabist State Department.

Congress and the President know all of this but, they are playing "Let’s Pretend". The Report just issued blames the CIA, FBI, NSA ‘et al’ for non-communication with each other about what they knew before 9/11 but, they left out the Saudi involvement and the bitter fact that the Arabist State Department protected the Saudis and intimidated the American Intelligence Services to NOT investigate or arrest any Arab Muslim - especially not to expose the Saudis.

There was supposed to be an investigation of pre-9/11 and the Saudi involvement. But the Congress held secret sessions and anything about the Saudi covert assistance to the 9/11 Terrorists was buried as classified. Remember that 15 out of the 19 Terrorists who murdered more than 3000 innocents on 9/11 were Saudis and the other 4 were Egyptian.

In Human-Speak that means that the Saudis will be protected by the Bush family, the oil maggots and the Arabist U.S. State Department. They will and are continuing to fund Terrorists, fund Muslim ‘madrassas’ in America (schools that teach only a radical fundamentalist Islam called ‘Wahabi’ism’ like the Taliban) and our dim President and even dimmer Congress will continue to "Pretend" that they are America’s friends and allies.

As for the Arab Muslim Palestinians, the President already knows that they have not and will not keep their word affirming his "sacred" Road Map. But, Bush will continue to "Pretend" that they are keeping the peace - even though the newly appointed-by-Arafat Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) has not made one move to disarm Hamas or any of the other Terrorists organizations - and he promises NOT to. What does he think is happening now? Abu Mazen is fearful of opposing Arafat’s legions and he uses the pitiful excuse that taking away their illegal weapons will start a civil war.

The ‘pretense’ is that Mazen and Bush will talk them into peace and ceasing of Terror attacks against the Jews. A key question: "Are Bush and Congress either stupid or malevolent as they demand that Israel withdraw from where the Terrorists assemble, build weapons, smuggle in weapons and plan their next move?" If you decide that George Bush, Father George Bush and James Baker are not stupid then, what they are doing is plain evil and subversive to American interests. We can now add to the "Let’s Pretend" game that President Bush is following Secretary of State Powell and the Arabist State Department’s advice is to pretend that, Hamas and Al Aksa (with the others) are political and NOT Terrorist organizations so Abu Mazen doesn’t have to confront them as Terrorists.

The game of "Let’s Pretend" has been going on for 20 to 30 years. The Arabist State Department, in lock-step with the oil industry, plays a see-no-evil game when it comes to Arabs and oil. This is how our nation has been flooded with radical Islamists causing a clear and present danger. Islam is on the march globally for world dominance and our current President and a lacksidaisical Congress, willing to sit back and let others take the heat by ‘pretending’ it isn’t happening - just ‘biznis as usual’/

Syria has been coddled for decades as they built advanced chemical capabilities. Now, several years after Bashar Assad became President of Syria, we are told that it’s his Father’s left over generals who are running Syria. (The day Bashar Assad took office, I wrote an article which forecast that the Ba’athist Generals who run Bashar and Syria would remain as dangerous as ever.) The coddling by State continued and Syria continued to expand their Chemical arms capability. Add to that, the U.S. government and State Department were blinking and winking at Syria’s connection to Iraq which only became public after 9/11 and the American invasion as we watched Saddam’s guys head for Syria - along with weapons.

Iran has been accumulating nuclear technology from China, North Korea, Russia and, when they have sufficient nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them, Islam will aggressively challenge American and Europe. Both will, as they already have, try to appease the Muslims as they (American and Europe) retreat and give up - their assets and their allies. This is, of course, what they demand of the Israelis, Eg.,: appease the Terrorists for the good of everybody.

For many years both the U.S. State Department, the FBI and CIA knew that radical Islamists were raising money in America for transfer to Terrorists in the Middle East. For the State Department, they were untouchable before 9/11. The Intelligence Agencies knew they would be in hot water if they actually investigated these organizations often located in Mosques.

Even after 9/11, the President, in deference to Saudi Arabia assured us that the Muslims were peaceful and that Islam was a peaceful religion but, he knowingly lied. "Islam" means "submission" to the Laws of Islam. These Laws are very strict and mandated that Muslims had to spread Islam by the sword to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, Attorney General John Ashcroft was spreading the net for Islamists in Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and wherever else Muslims created a power base of critical mass in America.

While the President and his Father played "Let’s Pretend", the Muslim Islamists were developing both a Political and a Terrorist Power Base in America. Is this President any different from the Clintons who invited many of the Muslims fund raisers to the White House.

Both Presidents Bush and Clinton knew where the money was going but, it just didn’t matter until 15 Saudis and 4 Egyptians hit the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and were aiming probably for the White House but were knocked out by the passengers and all died in a field in Pennsylvania.

But, the Terrorists need not worry that their funds will be cut off.

Congress and the current Administration are scheduled to provide the Palestinian Authority with several hundred million American tax-payers’ dollars which, as I said earlier, will end up in the hands of Arafat’s organization.

A bill called "Project Bio-Shield" has passed the House of Representatives authorizing $4-5 Billion to research counter-measures to Bio-Terror. This bill now goes to the Senate. Guess who we are scared of in terms of who will attack Americans with Bio Agents? Sleeper Muslim cells in America, Chemical and Biological Agents passed to various Terrorist groups by Saddam before he had to flee (or was killed).

Syria with its advanced Chemical armory....Iran who has crossed the spectrum with NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). In a word, America is spending billions of dollars on antidotes and vaccines because primitive Muslim nations and their Terrorists have gotten their hands on the most deadly substance, Americans, Russians, Chines, North Korea could invent and distribute.

All of these deadly agents were developed in our laboratories and we allowed the Arabs access. Now, we must spend Billions to protect ourselves from our own greedy stupidity.

But, we go right on pretending that Islam and the Muslims are people who we can do ‘biznis’ with.

At the moment, bubbly Blair is telling anyone who will listen that the genie of Muslim Terror can be put back in the bottle - if only Israel will give the Palestinian Terrorists whatever they want. This is from a man whose nation and companies were selling Saddam any weapon or pre-cursor Chemicals all during the 10 year embargo.



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