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At the End of 2005 There Will No Longer Be Any Jews in Europe

Nadia Matar- Tuesday 15th Jun 2004

(Opinion By Nadia Matar)

In June 2004 the European Union convened all its members to discuss the question of anti-Semitism in Europe. Violent incidents against European Jews had greatly increased during recent months - firebombs thrown at Jewish schools, the desecration of graves, Jews wearing kippot being attacked on the streets, and the like - mainly by Muslims.

The European Union resolved to put an end to the phenomenon. After lengthy deliberations, a press conference was held in which the Chairman of the European Union announced a dramatic program that would constitute a final solution to the problem of anti- Semitism. The name of the program:"Disengagement from Europe." "We have resolved to defend the Jews," the Chairman of the European Union proclaimed, "and to immediately stop the violence against them. To this end, we have formed a program that will disengage the Jews from Europe. The Jews will be evacuated to other locations. So as not to interfere with the demographic balance in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians, we will do everything so that European Jews will not immigrate to Israel. We shall rather promote the transfer of Jews to desolate regions in the world, such as the Sahara Desert."

"Details concerning the exact location where the Jews will be relocated will shortly be specified, but one thing is certain," the Chairman continued: "At the end of 2005 there will no longer be any Jews in Europe." And thus there will no longer be any anti- Semitism in Europe, and the Jews will no longer be attacked."

"The Interior Ministries of each European state will prepare the lists of Jews, the number of people in each family, and their addresses. Beginning now until the end of 2005 the Jews will be able to leave of their own free will and receive set compensation for their businesses and homes. The Jewish property will be transferred to the Muslim community in Europe, in the hope that this growing community will assimilate in its surroundings and aspire to peaceful coexistence with its neighbors, the indigenous Europeans."

"The forceful deportation of those Jews who refuse to leave of their own free will shall begin in September 2005. For this sensitive mission we have chosen elite units of the German army, because of the considerable experience they have amassed in previous years."

The "Disengagement from Europe" plan was approvingly accepted by the UN, that announced that it would do all in its power to facilitate the plan and its implementation. The United States announced that it officially opposed the expulsion of Jews from Europe, but would remain a member of the United Nations in order to try and change the resolution. "Who knows," the American President opined, "perhaps by the end of 2005 we will be able to ensure that only the Jews of France and Belgium will be expelled, and not all the Jews of Europe. This compromise would constitute proof of the importance in remaining a member of the United Nations in order to exert influence "from within."

The Israeli government issued a strong condemnation of the "Disengagement from Europe" program, and charged the European Union with hypocrisy and deception. The Israeli announcement stated: "The European Union is masquerading as the initiator of programs for the defense of Europe's Jews, but the truth is that this is an anti-Semitic plan for the forced deportation and ethnic cleansing of European Jewry - a plan that is meant to appease the Muslim community in Europe, that is growing by terrifying dimensions and threatens to take control of all Europe. We call upon the Western world to immediately abandon this plan, so as not to give a victory to violence."

The Chairman of the European Union responded to the Israeli announcement with surprise, and stated: "It is actually the Israeli announcement that is hypocritical. We in Europe are merely applying the exact program that Ariel Sharon is about to carry out in Israel, in order to provide an answer to Arab terror. If a Jewish Prime Minister in Israel can evacuate Jews from the Holy Land, then we certainly can do so in Europe."



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