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Faces Of Deceipt

Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator- Tuesday 24th Jun 2003

How does one judge the deceitful from the honest? You can only judge by their actions over a period of time. Those who practice deceit know very well that they are deceitful. Sometimes, it is plainly on their face, in their eyes, in the way they talk.

As excellent example of a Face Full of Deceit is Yassir Arafat. What he projects is pure evil and, although on occasion when speaking in English to Europeans, Americans and the Media, he will attempt a conciliatory tone, his face, his eyes and his record of past deceits betray him. Abu Mazen, on the other hand, has a kindly face, soft eyes and speech. But, Abu Mazen has a well-recorded history of being a Terrorist for a long time. He is also a documented Holocaust denier. He helped Arafat organize the PLO. His speeches approve and recommend the murder of Jews. He has worked closed with Arafat from the very beginning of Arafatís pledge and practice of Terror against Jews. No one who works at Arafatís side is less of a Terrorist than the boss. The face of Abu Mazen is clearly one of deceit but, it is acceptable to the West.

We saw all of that in Saddam Hussein, his sons, his entire Cabinet and the Generals who carried out his mandated torture and murder of his own people as well as the "others". Saddamís smiling, friendly face was plastered all over Iraq on giant billboards and statues but, we all know what that smile was concealing.

These are examples of savage primitives who arrange murder on a grand scale, with each having his own mask - like Uncle Joe Stalin, sometimes the kindly grandfather playing with the children and other times ordering the killing of millions. How many times have we seen Arafat or Hussein kissing children as if they were ordinary caring humans? But, Arab media documents that Arafat is teaching his Arab Muslim children to hate and kill Jews from as young as the age of three. These killing instructions contained in the curriculum of the Arab Palestinian schools are financed by donor nations who are totally ignoring the face of deceit.

There are, of course, lesser faces of deceit - people who believe that they are doing the Ďright thingí because they are able to submerge or alter their consciences.

I observe U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell who, no doubt, is a decent man but, when it comes to the Jewish State of Israel, there is that subtle alteration. The face is pleasant, the words are spoken softly - always on a noble level. But, then Powell will ignore the reality of the savage Arab Muslim Palestinian people or even the Arab Islamists who are also killing Jews and American soldiers and actually try to alter reality by demanding the victim make amends to the aggressor. Iím absolutely certain that Powell doesnít grasp the deceit which he practices so skillfully. When lives are lost because he demands that the victims disarm, withdraw, release Terrorists, pay Terrorist organizations, Iím certain he believes that "it is all for a higher cause that is worth the price." Itís hard to believe his motives are pure when murder by Arab Muslims is happening while he is actually in Israel, negotiating the further slicing and dicing up of that small country. He knows that Arafatís minions kill Jews and even Americans. All Powell says about Muslim Arab Terrorists murdering Israelis (and Americans) is: "WE canít let Terror stop us." Well, bully for him! Sacrificing the innocent for what is called the "greater good" is always the escape hatch for those who wish someone else to pay the price of their generosity to the aggressors.

Powell and Bush completely ignore the rock solid fact that Arab s have been savaging Jews singe Moses pulled out of Egypt. Powell forgets the pogroms against Jews in Palestine in the1920s when Jews were massacred - especially in Hebron where 67 were murdered viciously by orders of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini. The Mufti later went to Berlin during WWII to persuade Hitler to send his killing machine into Palestine to kill all the Jews there. Anwar Sadat was also part of the Arab nationalsí support group for Hitler.

Recall Sadatís first visit to Jerusalem where he spoke peace in the Knesset but wore the tie with the swastikas (printed in reverse) telling the Jews and Arabs in his peculiar code that he was speaking in reverse - which is typical of the Arab desert tribes

For more than 50 years (and for 50 more years before the Jewish nation became a State) Israel has suffered the savagery of the so-called Arab Palestinian people from their Terror attacks. I speak of the entire population and not the so-called few who Powell cites as those "few" Terrorists who ignore his bloody "Road Map".

The simplistic, insane idea of a ceasefire (Hudna in Arabic) would be laughable if it wasnít so suicidal, given the permanent state of savagery against the Jewish people by the Arab Muslims. The idea of removing the Israeli capability of retaliatory threat against Palestinian Terrorists is too dangerous to risk. This concept is merely one more tactic used when the pressure against the Arab Terror nations is too great and they need to rebuild their forces to finally annihilate the truncated Jewish State. Powell knows this but maintains the lie that Islam can be reasoned with. Islam will never have a truce with either Israel (who they call the Little Satan) or with America (who they call the Great Satan).

So, donít be fooled by pleasant faces, kind words during a Media Sound Byte, because the practitioner is not always what he seems to be. But, the Muslim Arabs say that they will defeat the infidels - all the infidels - the Jews and the Christians (who they call Crusaders). This is truly a religious war. Islam has declared that it is against the rest of the world. They say what they mean and they mean what they say.

Both ĎDevious Powellí and U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft have laid down the Bush Policy of Pre-emption but, only for American while this inalienable right is denied to Israel by America and the "Quartet". Thus, in America, the CIA/FBI/Military Intelligence/NSA/Immigration Bureauís bureaucrats are correctly searching out "possible" Terrorists, bringing many of them in for interrogation and incarceration, most without benefit of an attorney or public identification. This method was further approved by the U.S. Federal Courts as necessary, lest their known capture would signal confederates to flee.

In addition, the Bush policy of Pre-emption also calls for targeting to kill known Terrorists wherever they are. Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and sons are on the find-and-kill list. There are others (planners and executioners) who have been targeted for elimination by assassination. I donít fault the necessity of pre-emption to protect the American public. However, I do fault the blatant hypocrisy of Bush, Powell and the U.S. State Department in their campaign to appease the Arab Muslims, Islamists and oil producing nations like Saudi Arabia by making Israel more vulnerable by slicing off more of that tiny land for another Arab Palestinian State.

As young American soldiers are being killed by Arab Islamists, the current American rules of engagement are NOT what America demands of Israel - which is restraint and no pre-emptively executing a Terrorist reserved for Israel ONLY, unless there is provable prior knowledge of a pending attack. Since Terrorists hide their intent and donít advertise their coming attractions, that is well nye impossible.

America kills them if they find them. The Bush/Powell policy of "Do as we say, not as we do" is not only wrong-headed but demonstrates a selfish, deceitful bias, dedicated to the reelection in 2004 of a President who shows no remorse for a crime of placing Israel and her men, women and children in jeopardy.

In closing, I would say that although Bush seemed to became a mentsch (a full grown responsible man and upright leader) after 9/11, he has now failed to stay the course in his demands for restraint by the Jewish State of Israel.



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