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Jeff Halper and the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions

Simon A. Waldman- Monday 21st Jun 2004

Jeff Halper and the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions

What is the Israel Committee Against House Domolitions (ICAHD)?

The ICAHD call themselves a “non violent direct action group”. They exist to oppose the demolition of houses by Israeli counter tourism efforts in the territories. However, the ICAHD have expanded their agenda “to other areas - land expropriation, settlement expansion, by-pass road construction, policies of closure and separation.”

Who are the ICAHD?

Based in Israel, the ICAHD claims that they comprise of members from Israeli peace and human rights organisations. However, the ICAHD also are active in Canada and are to open a branch in the United Kingdom. Although they call themselves a “committee” the only notable member (possibly the only member) is Jeff Halper, the director and founder of the organisation

What does the ICAHD do?

The ICAHD or rather Jeff Halper organizes conferences and talks that condemn Israel. This often involves overseas travel, speaking to whoever listens, about his opposition to Israel and house demolitions. Often talks and lectures are held in Churches.

Who is Jeff Halper?

Jeff Helper is a Professor of Anthropology in Ben Gurion University, Israel. He has lived in Israel since 1973. His political views are of the far left of the political spectrum and he is venomously anti Israel. He favours a bi national state comprising of Israel and the Palestinians that would result in a de facto end to the Jewish nature of the state. He has written articles and op-ed’s condemning Israel such as “the Matrix of Control”.

Does the ICAHD exist outside of Israel?

Yes. A branch in the United Kingdom is to be launched on the 24th June 2004.


The ICAHD is an extreme left wing movement in Israel seeking overseas expansion. It has little identification with the state of Israel or Zionism. It seeks to undermine Israel’s national security interests and propagates a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that will destroy the Jewish nature of the state.

The organisations director and founder is the sole instigator of the movement’s actions, activities and beliefs. He has colluded with anti Israel groups and Palestinian activists (see further information below). The ICAHD works as a vehicle for Mr Halper’s personal agenda.

What is the contact details of ICAHD and their web address?

Israel: PO Box 2030, Jerusalem 91020, Israel. Tel (00)972-2-642-5560. Fax (00)972-2-622-1530. E-mail:

UK: ICAHD UK PO Box 49701 London WC1H 8WH. Tel: 07906 201574 or 07906 201575. E-mail: or

Further information

1.The ICAHD has colluded with the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) on a number of occasions. The ISM is a group of “Peace” activists who thus far, have refused to denounce suicide bombings. Recently, the ICAHD attended a memorial sculpture garden for Rachel Corie (a U.S. ISM activist killed in Gaza). “In attendance were members of the board of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and representatives of the International Solidarity Movement”.

2.Halper, the coordinator of ICAHD, in April 2002 worked with Salim Shawamreh, a Palestinian “fighter who resists the occupation” in Shoaafat, East Jerusalem.





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