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Did You Know?

Facts- Wednesday 30th Jul 2003

Did you know that Arabs started their massacres of the Jews in the holy land long before the (so called ) "occupation" excuse, such as the Hebron massacre on 1929?

Did you know that Jerusalem, both east and west, is considered by
the western society (not including UN countries, those that are hijacked by Arab Muslim oil terror lobby) , to be part of Israel?

Did you know that 800,000 Jewish refugees fleing persecution from from Arab lands were absorbed completely inside Israel while Arab leaders ORDERED their people to flee the reestablished UN's mandate=Israel in 1948, but never took care of them?

Did you know that Palestinian cruel leaders have been denying improvement for their people for that "goal" of trying to gain world's sympathy, just as they sacrifice their children for that?

Did you know the United States awards billions in aid each year to most Arab nations including those that abuse & use it for terrorism?

Did you know that Iran is not the only leading Muslim radical country that is in process of nuclear weapons?

Did you know that Iran refuses to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and bars international inspections from its sites, and Palestinians SIDED with it/them as they sided with Butcher Saddam?

Did you know that Palestinian & Syrian Arabs both occupied territories of two
sovereign nation Lebanon causing chaos there as well?

Did you know that Israel has for decades successfully prevented enemies of the West that try to kill NON Muslim Arabs including Israelis?

Did you know that non-Muslim Palestinian minority suffer also under Muslim Palestinian Arabs?

Did you know that while Palestinian license plates in Israel are color coded ONLY to distinguish Arab ISRAELIS from Arab so called: "PALESTINIANS", but LYING "Palestinian" typical PROPAGANDA tries to make it look like a racial "thing"? How can it be "racial" when Israeli Arabs have the same number plates as Israeli Jews.

Did you know that Israel successfully confiscates bank accounts,
businesses of Militant Muslim terrorists ANTI west?

Did you know that the first most powerful lobby in the UN is Arab MUSLIM BLOCK?

Did you know that Arabs started all the wars since DEFYING UN's offer 1948?

Did you know that today, Palestinian Arabs UNFORTUNATELY pay their price for attacking Israel and they're still too arrogant not to follow the peace way (at least) as Egypt & Jordan did successfully?

Did you know that while Israelis have only taken part in defending lives, (and before 1948 bombing buildings asking the British to evacuate) whereas Arab regional leaders including 'palestinians' have always killed MAINLY the innocent?

Did you know that Palestinians still haven't retracted that lie they've published on Muhammad Al Dura trying to blame Israel when in fact he was REALLY killed by other Palestinians?
WHO REALLY KILLED Mohammed al DurAs well as so many other lies like classical "Jenin" etc. though they've been already so embarrassingly exposed?

Did you know the horrific history of Palestinian militant bloodshed they've done in Lebanon? The Massacre by Palestinians: Damour (and some estimated it as many as 300,000 victims in all of Lebanon)

Did you know that Palestinian do not want you to know the truth about Sabrah & Shatilah?

Did you know that the Palestinians pay many of American
public relation firms to promote their lies to Americans?

Did you know that while most extreme in Israel, a tiny minority, might advocate only expelling Palestinians (that won't go along with control) from territories, whereas Palestinian ARAB Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc. PLEDGE & do kill JUST ALL AVERAGE ISRAELI MEN WOMEN & CHILDREN?

Did you know that the Palestinians have NOT YET accepted Israel's

Did you know that Palestinian Arabs have bogus "historic -- conceptions" including their self denial of origin of "Palestinian Arabs" no earlier than 1918 when immigrated from neighboring countries?

Did you know that Arab Palestinian refugees Inventors, creators (!) & leaders deny still aid to their people, they prefer it still to be the largest portion of the refugee population in the world just to gain sympathy?



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