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A bolshevik state comes to Israel?

Israel Hanukoglu / Betar/ Women in Green- Thursday 19th May 2005

(Professor Israel Hanukoglu, former Chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel,and former Science Adviser to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and formerly associated with the Weizman Institute of Sceince in Rehovot, was arrested during Sunday demonstrations. He recently was part of a delegation of Christians and Jews who visited Congress in the States in behalf of Gush Katif and Northern Samaria. He also spoke at the successful rally of Christians and Jews that was held in Crawford, Texas, on April 11, when Prime Minister Sharon was visiting the ranch of President Bush. That rally was arranged by Christian Pastor Jim Vineyard, a Minister of a large Baptist Congregation in Oklahoma City.)

The letter (below) was sent to Ruth Matar- head of Women in Green- women for Israel's tomorrow an organisation dedicated to the Land of Israel and the Jewish people's rights to live there. It is a shocking portrait of what the Leftist traitors that have taken over the government are up to and is worrying for us all. We pray for the day when Israel is free and a true Zionist government is in place and the Oslo criminals are a distant memory...

Dear Ruth,

During the demonstration in Rishon Lezion we had a small group of a few women and two men myself included. We were not involved in road blockings.  We did not lay on the road. I took on myself the task of distributing  stickers with the message: People of Israel are with Gush Katif.

Policemen apparently did not want to deal with the elderly women. They  approached me and asked me to stand aside. I followed their order. Then  they asked me to get into their car, transferred me to the Police station.  After police interrogation (that included physical threats, ridicule, etc.,  but this is another story), I was put in a small cell of about 1X1 m that  is normally used for visitor communication with jailed mates. I spent there  several hours. Then at night I was transferred to the Maasiyahu jail. The policemen who transferred explained to me that distributing stickers is against the law!

After I was jailed all night long demonstrators kept pouring into my section. By the morning my cell of eight people was full. I had the great honour that one of the people put in my cell included Rabbi Levinger from Hebron the Founder of the Hebron community.

I was brought before a judge who released me to partial house arrest with option to go to work during day hours. These limitations hold until my case will be brought for further discussion on next Wednesday. The case was delayed because the large number of people arrested did not permit proper trial of each case.

Welcome to USSR.

Best regards,

Israel Hanukoglu



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