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Can Israel Survive Another Muslim Arab State of 'Palestine'?

Emanuel A. Winston- Tuesday 9th Mar 2004

The Israeli people, as a people, have survived thousands of years, both in Israel and in the Diaspora. I cannot think of an era or a nation which has not invaded the Land of Israel in the hopes of - literally - adding the G-d of Israel to their panoply of pagan gods. They may succeed in temporarily capturing the bricks & mortar of Jerusalem but, never the elusive spirit of the one G-d, HaShem.

The question: "Can Israel survive another hostile Arab Muslim State in the region or worse yet a State called "Palestine" in their heartland?" can be answered: "Yes! But", only while suffering unremitting terror and continual episodes of war. Because, given the mandate to Muslims in the Koran, they will continue trying to either conquer Israel through force of arms or to absorb her demographically with Muslim babies. The Arab Muslim Palestinians have a prodigious birth-rate - as exemplified by the population explosion in Gaza since it was turned over to Yassir Arafat through the Oslo & successive so-called ‘peace’ (piece) agreements. They seem to not mind the overcrowding and the poor living conditions that over-crowding cause. Their misery is always redirected at Israel as the cause and not at the Arab leadership who brought them so low in order to use their misery to create terrorists.

A Palestinian State will be free to build or import weapons in tonnage. Presently this is accomplished through smuggling. The tunnels from Egypt (with Mubarak’s knowledge) provide entry for small arms, including shoulder-fired missiles (anti-tank & anti-aircraft) as well as explosives & Terrorists. As a fully fledged State, they will become the receptacle of larger weapons, including deadly missiles with Chemical and Biological warheads.

Egypt itself continues to be a growing worry for the IDF - having accumulated approximately $60 Billion in U.S. armaments under the U.S. aid program. They are the military colossus in the Middle East. In the event of War with any of the Arab nations, namely Syria, Iran, Egypt has pledged to intervene on their side.

The Palestinians being supplied through the tunnels would be considered a front line insurgent force to impede and slow up Israeli mobilization to the fronts (all fronts). This was the same plan evolved with Syria until Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and discovered miles of tunnels dug into the Lebanese mountains, filled with pre-positioned armaments and written plans of the planned next war against Israel by the Arab Palestinians - with the Syrians to follow.

Syria is always a concern as is clearly described in military journals about its missile capability. It has advanced war-heads with Sarin Gas & is working on VX chemicals. Both deadly. Syria, like Iraq and Iran, invariably lies to the world about its WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the world blinks - pretending not to know. We already see the Syrian Accountability Act recently passed by the American Congress, with its many escape clauses or waivers being used by President George Bush to avoid implementing any punishment for the Syrians.

There is a deep concern by Israel’s Military Intelligence that, if a war starts, it will be synchronized between Syria, Iran & Egypt. That translates into saturation missile attacks on Israel’s population centers & military bases (including air bases). The objective would be to cripple Israel retaliatory second strike capability. (This, in my opinion, would include nuclear strikes - if Iran can develop that capability.)

At one time Israel conducted pre-emptive strikes when it knew the Arab nations were gathering to attack. That tactic was seriously compromised when the U.S. under Nixon & Kissinger warned Israel not to pre-emptively attack Egypt or it would not assist in re-supply. That acceptance of the Yom Kippur attack in 1973 could have cost Israel the war. The re-supply of ammunition & TOW missiles, shipped from storage depots in Germany on the orders of General Al Haig came at the very last moments. (I know because I was landing at Ben Gurion Airport at the same time the giant Galaxies were landing with this re-supply.)

On the southern front in 1973, the day was saved by Gen. Ariel Sharon, who disobeyed orders from the IDF General Staff & crossed the Suez Canal. He raced with armor behind the surprised Egyptian Third Army and surrounded them. They were trapped. At this time, the U.S. and the Soviets stepped in to save Egypt’s Third Army by forcing Israel to release them. In each war the Arab Muslims launched and lost, it was always the American oil gang who forced the U.S. government to step in and save the Arab countries from defeat.

As to the question: "Can Israel Survive another Arab Muslim State of Palestine in her heartland?" The answer is still "Yes But", we can expect a permanent state of insurgency. The Mullahs will always invoke the Koranic mandate which declares that: wherever a Muslim has put his foot, he must return to reclaim the land for the great Ummah (the world & people of Islam). Thus, Israel is on their agenda - as is Spain, half of France, etc. The spurious claim that Israel is an ‘occupying’ force will always be part of their propaganda to justify Terror attacks.

Israel can survive another Arab Muslim State of Palestine but, there will always be conflict. There is little doubt that the surrounding Arab nations who have unwanted Arab Palestinians on their soil will transfer (eject) them into whatever space is called "Palestine". The numbers could be between 3 to 5 million. There they will sit, as they have in the squalor of the refugee camps, demanding entry into Israel for work & more living space. Count on the Europeans to support their demands. President Bush and the U.S. State Department insists that Israel open her checkpoints to allow in the Arabs for work, despite the Terror which always accompanies them.

Israel faces a serious mix of threats on all her borders - including 12,000 missiles in the hands of Hezb’Allah in the area of Lebanon that then PM Ehud Barak abandoned. Some are known to carry chemical warheads. They are supplied by Iran through Syria.

Israel relies heavily on her friend and ally, America. With financial aid & its veto power in the U.N., Israel is subject to U.S. foreign policy ‘vis a vis’ the Arab oil nations. There are things that Israel should do - in her own sovereign interests but, if Israel continues to accept American assistance, she is usually forced to defer to U.S. foreign policy run by the U.S. State Department.

By Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator



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