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Civilisation's Only Democratic Outpost In The Middle East

Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator- Saturday 6th Sep 2003

Israel (and we Jews) are hated for many reasons.

First and foremost, Israel is a Jewish nation and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the later teachings of Mohammed taught their people to hate the Jews. Much had to do with - in the end of times or someone’s own life - who would have the right to stand before G-d and claim first entry into Paradise. Those who believe this is a contest of who will be first in line are mistaken. There is no first, nor last but, the claimants believe the Jews usurp their rights.

The Jews were not claimants because the Torah merely taught them that, if they follow His Commandments, they would have a share in the world to come. However, later religions believed that the Jews who were part of the Covenant somehow stood in the path of their ascension to the One G-d.

The Jews were also hated for more down to earth reasons. They always seemed able to climb out of any adversity others put them in. Like ants rebuilding their kicked-over nests, they always rebuilt with tireless energy - much to the chagrin of the kickers.

In every century, those who wished to replace the Jews either as a religion or just in the day-to-day trades, worked tirelessly at the task. One day after centuries of abuse and persecution, the Jews mostly left the graveyards of Europe and returned to their ancestral homeland. The nations of Europe who worked hand-in-glove with Hitler to eliminate their own Jewish citizens, at first accepted this migration. Some, in shame when their willing participation became known and others to rid themselves of those who escaped. But, that soon changed, as the Arabs rejected the non-Muslim Jews.

The Europeans who were primarily Christians and natural protagonists to Islam which denied Christian rights and their chosen god (who was even more despised because he was a Jew). These two civilizations are generally extremely hostile to each other but they found common cause in their mutual long term hatred and struggle against the Jewish people. So, they became ‘de-facto’ and ‘de jure’ partners in the attempt to eliminate the only advanced civilization in the Middle East - Israel.

Israel was an irritating speck in the eye of both the Christian nations and the Arab Muslims. First, the return of the Jews, as prophesied, was a shocking event, given that both competing religions considered that since the Jews seemed to have abandoned their Covenant, that one or the other was the true heir to this ancient and highly advanced civilization.

But, suddenly these Jewish dregs from the death camps of Europe began the rebuilding of Israel and Jerusalem. They miraculously won war after war against frantic Arab Muslim armies, well-equipped by the Christian West. How could this be happening? The Jews were not supposed to be succeeding according to what was taught by the Church and Islam. They were supposed to be cursed by G-d - or so the teachings went.

The Jews went about re-building the ruins of the Promised Land of Israel, the land promised by G-d to the Jews. After centuries of deliberate neglect, the garbage, dead animals piled up against the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem were cleaned up. Sewers were installed; streets cleaned; Jerusalem of Gold began to shine again. Suddenly, the Church was anxious to declare Jerusalem an international city and NOT the capital of the Jews. Naturally, the Arabs who allowed the Temple Mount to grow with high weeds agreed, even (falsely) claiming this their ‘third holiest site’.

The five thousand year old Temple on Mt. Moriah built by King Solomon, son of King David became very important to the Arabs in order to support their claims to the Temple Mount and to disenfranchise the Jews. The old myths of Arab rights and ownership again resurfaced. After the Old City was liberated from 19 years of Jordanian occupation in the 1967 Six Days War, a non-believing Jew gave away the Temple Mount to the Arab Wakf. This unholy man was Moshe Dayan, long known as a womanizer, a thief of antiquities for his personal collection but only one in a long line of non-observant Leftists who wished to de-Judaize the Jewish State of Israel .

In a way, the Hard Left of Israel became a third partner in the subversion of Israel. They worked closely with the Europeans and Yassir Arafat’s Arab PLO Terrorist organizations to give away the land, the ancient Holy sites, with the idea that a de-Judaized nation would become acceptable to her enemies. That continues with Shimon Peres, Tommy Lapid (who is now of the Shinui Party) and the rest of the Oslo Gang.

Israel continued to grow in technology as she became a resource for other nations to task her with development of medical devices, new pharmaceuticals, advanced technology for military equipment and, as always, brilliant books poured out of Israel on every useful subject known to man. Seven Universities were established along with the Weizmann Institute of Science which became teaching epi-centers for students and scientists from all over the world. This just in: "Israeli Scientists Develop Drug to Combat West Nile Fever" AP Xinhua Sep.9, 2003) (1)

One would have thought that Christian Europe and the backward Muslim nations of the Arabs would lower the level of their hostility for the benefits the Jews were bringing to the region and the world. Instead, the non-Jews increased their rage and anti-Semitism and Jewicide ramped upward.

In France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium the danger to the Jews walking the streets has risen to alarming heights. Violent anti-Semitic acts have increased exponentially. Muslim immigrants are rising in power in Europe, threatening the Jews but also of great danger to their host countries. The unholy partnership that targeted the Jews is now back biting the Christian nations.

So, what will happen to a modern day Atlantis who provokes envy, jealousy, fanatical religious rage from nations lashing out at Israel? She can be of help, particularly to the nations of the developing Third World. In the past, Israel has sent out teams of surgeons, doctors, disease experts to countries in Black Africa. Yet, these same nations invariably vote with the Arabs in the U.N. against Israel thinking the oil-rich Arabs will be grateful and share the money which, of course, they never do!.

Israeli Arabs come to Israel’s hospitals for treatment unavailable in Arab hospitals - some even from the Arab nations - but they still approve of the Arab Muslim anti-Israel Terrorism. They are torn between their needs and the taught hatred in the ‘Madrassas’ (schools that teach radical Islam).

Will Israel, an advanced culture and the only civilized outpost in the Middle East, be pushed into extinction?

Will the Church of Rome or the backward Arabs succeed in destroying a people who have worked diligently to improve civilization with discoveries in the world of medicine? Will they succeed in killing off Jewish scientists, musicians, philosophers as Hitler did?

As a relevant aside, it has just been reported by astrophysicists that an asteroid is on a possible collision course with earth. I wonder if the Christians of Europe or the Arabs of the Middle East will turn to those Jewish scientists to figure out a way to change its trajectory. Such an asteroid, close to a mile in size with great mass, if it hit the earth would likely make life extinct on earth as it did 60 million years ago to the dinosaurs.

Will the other religions turn to those hated Jews to pray to their G-d for a last grasp on life?



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