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Proof of systematic PA Indoctrination of it’s children to be child combatants and child Shahids [Martyrs]

Itamar Marcus- Thursday 22nd Apr 2004

Links to PA TV broadcasts showing
indoctrination of children

This week’s suicide terror attempt by a Palestinian teenager received world attention not because it was the first attempt but because TV captured the striking images of the young boy struggling out of the explosive belt. In fact tens of Palestinian Authority [PA] teenagers, some as young as 13 and 14 have gone on suicide missions, many dying and killing others, because PA society has been teaching children that combat and heroic Death for Allah - Shahada [Martyrdom] are expected of them. PMW has been documenting this Palestinian Authority indoctrination and below are the links to striking examples. When PMW presented these videos at a US Senate committee hearing, Senator Hillary Clinton called it: “horrific child abuse” and US Senator Arlen Specter said the PA were not merely “child abusers” but “civilization abusers”.
(To view 7 minute video that was presented in the Senate click here.)

Below are links to:

4 music videos enticing children to be combatants and to aspire death.
B. 11-year old PA girls articulate why they want to die for Allah [“because afterlife of Shahid is best”].
C. PA leaders talk of importance of child Shahids: [Arafat: “it’s the greatest message to the world”]

A. 4 music videos enticing children to be combatants and to aspire death.

Song and Dance glorifying child combat and Shahada
In this MTV style music video from PA TV children dance to calls to attack Israelis: “You will not be saved, Oh Zionist, from the volcano of my county’s stones” and to the words “I will even willingly fall as a Shahid.” Scenes include throwing stones and frenzied "war dances”. [PA TV 2002 - 2003, repeatedly]

Music Video to 5 years olds: Fight and "Don't be Afraid”
This PA TV music video instructs children to attack soldiers with stones and attempts to allay their fears. "Don"t be Afraid" the 10 year old sings to the 5 year old repeatedly. "The stone in their hand turns into a rifle..." This was broadcast repeatedly 2000 - 2003

A Farewell Letter Music Video
A young boy leaves a farewell letter to his parents and goes off to seek Death for Allah - Shahada - describing the death he aspires as “sweet.” This PA indoctrination clip is designed to offset a child’s natural fear of death, by depicting Shahada as heroic and tranquil. [more than 500 times on PA TV 2001- 2003]

Mohammed Al Dura Calls Children to Follow him to Paradise - Clip
Through a child actor, this music video portrays a delightful Paradise of Muhammad Al Dura, whose death in a crossfire was broadcast on TV. He is portrayed flying a kite, frolicking on the beach and even at an amusement park. The clip opens with the invitation to other children from Al Dura: "I am waving to you not in parting, but to say 'follow me'”. [PA TV Dec 25, 2000 and repeatedly since then]

B. 11-year old PA girls articulate why they want to die for Allah [“because afterlife of Shahid is best”].

Young Children Convinced of Death as a Shahid as Ideal
Two 11 year old girls articulate their personal goal to Die for Allah - Shahada, explaining that “all Palestinian children” see Shahada because of its promised grand Afterlife, as more worthwhile than living. [PA TV June 2002]

C. PA leaders talk of importance of child Shahids: [Arafat: “it’s the greatest message to the world”]

Yasser Arafat's Message to Children - "Be a Shahid
Arafat explains that dead Palestinian children- Shahids - are “the greatest message to the world”.  [PA TV Jan. 15, 2002]

“We Teach Children Shahada " - Head of Children's Organization”
In English, PA leaders have denied that they encourage their children to aspire to Shahada. However in Arabic, the PA continues to express pride in educating children to aspire to Shahada, portraying it as a national achievement. The Director of the Palestinian Children’s Aid Association candidly reiterated this PA educational policy, on PA TV. [May 4, 2003]



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