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Redemption Continues Despite Our Errors

Gary M. Cooperberg (Kiryat Arba - Israel)- Tuesday 29th Jul 2003

As we read our newspapers and e-mail, listen to the radio and watch television, it becomes increasingly difficult not to despair. The world in general seems to have taken leave of its senses, and the Jewish government in particular, even with an alleged right wing extremist Prime Minister, seems to be making disastrous mistakes which are certain to bode ill for our future.

Just to show how upside down things have gotten, the Jewish government is releasing murderers from our prisons and offering to build a PLO state on Jewish soil. Yet the strongest protest against this madness, aside from normal Jews, comes from a growing minority of Christians!

George Bush, who initially seemed to be the best friend the Jewish State ever had in the White House, has suddenly changed direction and is pressuring Israel to make suicidal concessions to the PLO! And Sharon, who seemed so strong and confident as well as politically astute, seems to be out-doing the President in leading this country to the brink of self-destruction. It was Sharon who lead the way to prepare Israel to accept a PLO state on Jewish soil. It was Sharon who bulldozed the freeing of even more murderous terrorists than Bush asked for. And, with scarcely a whisper of protest, more of our homeland is being given over to Arab control and more security check points are being taken down.

No honest individual, Jew or Arab, really believes that peace will be the ultimate result of this madness. Jews like to pretend it will, and the Arabs are laughing their sides off watching the Lion of Judah trimming its claws and having its teeth voluntarily yanked out of its jaws. The only reality here is that Jews are deceiving themselves and Arabs are planning to finish the job they have not yet succeeded to accomplish. . . to destroy the Jewish State.

Nearly two thousand years ago the Jews were exiled from this country. As difficult and heart-rending that exile was, the dream of return to Zion burned deeply in the hearts of Jews in every country of our exile. Three times every day we prayed that G-d would return us to our homeland. Oppression, continual expulsions, persecution, pogroms, and even attempted annihilation never could quash our dream of return. Jews clung to their Torah and their dream of return to Zion with a passion that was unmatched in human history. How then is it imaginable that at this late date, when the ancient dream is clearly beginning to be fulfilled, that we should attempt to abandon it? How is it fathomable that a proud Jewish nation which has returned to its homeland, defeated its enemies' attempts to destroy us, and clearly shown the nations of the world that we are back home to stay, would, for any reason, yield, even parts of, it's sovereignty to anyone, much less a band of hoodlums dedicated
to our destruction?

The answer is really not so difficult. Unlike the founding fathers of the United States of America, the founding fathers of the reborn Jewish State neglected to include the G-d of Creation as a partner in government. The constitution of the United States concedes clearly that Man has rights endowed upon him by his Creator, thus implying that those rights are not subject to abrogation by any human government or authority. No such document of state in the Israeli government makes such a clear reference to Divine authority. As such our leaders have chosen to tread upon a path limited by human intellect and attempt to achieve peace by defying G-dly principles. Such a path is destined not only to fail, but to invite disaster as we can already observe.

To our good fortune, despite the fact that our leadership has chosen not to invite G-d into the running of our nation, the Living G-d of Israel, has not abandoned us. In reality it is He who is truly determining the outcome of our destiny. The Jewish State has prospered and continues to prosper in spite of the continued fatal errors of our leaders. If we can stop giving so much credence to the secular media which in and of itself creates and lends legitimacy to a foreign morality which cannot help but cause us to despair, it would be easier for us to stand up to the present challenges which confront us.

While the media tells us about Sharon's visit to Washington and his intention to make yet more concessions to our enemies, here, in Kiryat Arba, our enemies are actually building new homes for Jews! On the same day last week when our daughter gave birth to our second granddaughter, I was privileged to fulfill the renewed ancient commandment of making a blessing upon my tallit complete with the blue threads. The blue dye, which has been lost to us for many centuries thus requiring us to wear fringes without the blue thread, has been rediscovered. Although not everyone agrees that this is the exact dye, when responding to my question on the subject, the Chief Rabbi of Hebron, Rav Dov Lior, assured me that the dye is authentic and that we must now, once again, include the blue thread as commanded by the Torah.

This is yet another indication that redemption is continuing to unfold before our eyes. We must strive to remind ourselves that, while, indeed, the blunders of our leaders bring harm to the nation, the ultimate destiny of our people and our country is only determined by our Creator. We must not permit the political acrobatics of our government to mislead us into thinking that it is within the realm of their ability to alter our destiny.



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